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1) Hostel

Snehalaya Ladies Hostel is run by the Management of the Franciscan Servants Of Mary. Admission to the hostel is restricted to the students of Gurudev Arts and Science College and the students of Mother school, Mathil. It aims at providing a homely atmosphere, excellent academic pursuit and personality enhancement.
For 125 Girls, All Bathroom attached

2) College library & reading room

A full fledged, well furnished and computerized library and reading room are functioning in the college. Variety of news papers, numerous periodicals and scholarly journals are also made available to the readers.

3) Laboratories

The college has well equipped and highly sophisticated laboratories separately for UG and PG courses.

  1. Chemistry lab
    • Chemistry lab is considered as one of the best labs of similar kind in the university and has been constructed well to have accessibility for each student to the lab facilities. Two separate labs are available for the B.Sc and MSc students.
  2. Physics lab
    • A well equipped, neat and sophisticated physics lab is available for students. The equipments are of good quality and of high standard.
  3. Electronics lab
    • A highly standard, well equiped electronics lab is available for students.
  4. Microbiology lab
    • A sophisticated and highly standard microbiology lab with plenty of specimen is available for students.
  5. Bio-chemistry lab
    • The bio chemistry lab is well equipped with modern equipments and with supply of materials for experiments.
  6. Computer lab
    • A highly sophisticated, well furnished computer lab with more than 50 Computers and Internet facility is available for students.

4) College bus

Conveyance is arranged by the college for the transportation of the students.

5) College canteen

There is a college within the campus run on contract basis. Noon meals and other refreshments are served in the canteen on all working days.

6) Girl's room

A well furnished girl's room with all facilities such as pad wending machine, pad burning machine, First Aid facilities etc are arranged for girls in the campus.

7) Internet facility

Internet facility is available free of cost for all students in the college